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Plano TX dentist
Plano TX dentist

Our Plano TX dentist provides a variety of important, vital general dental services with the goal of ensuring that you maintain a mouth filled with healthy and strong teeth. At the very center of that is our dental exams, which we recommend for you, our valued patient, twice per year. Plaque, and its hardened form, tartar, are sneakily eating away at your precious tooth enamel and causing gum irritation, inflammation, and even infection. By coming in every six months for a checkup, x-rays, and teeth cleaning, you can keep tooth decay and gum disease from leading to more serious problems. We even offer oral cancer screening, to make sure that any concerns are found early, which is linked to the most positive outcomes.

Among the ways that our Plano TX dentist keeps your dental well-being at an optimal level is by putting in fillings for small cavities, in order to prevent them from becoming larger ones. A cavity left untreated will grow, eventually giving bacteria the access to your tooth’s pulp that causes infections, severe pain, and the need for root canal therapy. While not ideal, if you do need root canal, rest assured that Dr. Kooker uses the most advanced methods and tools to make certain that you feel little or even no pain during the procedure. We’re also pleased to provide laser dentistry, which has advantages such as less drilling and less natural tooth material sacrificed when getting a filling, less pain and discomfort, and a marked reduction in swelling and bleeding for many dental procedures. And if you suffer from fear or anxiety about getting dental work done, we also offer sedation dentistry, such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation by pill to keep you feeling comfortable in the chair.

Crowns are a versatile restoration that give our Plano TX dentist the flexibility to repair a tooth that is cracked, fractured, or severely decayed, without having to resort to an extraction. And thanks to bridges, dentures, and dental implants, you will never have to suffer with a smile that is incomplete, which besides affecting your appearance, also can cause your other teeth to shift and interfere with the ability to floss properly. That can cause more problems with tooth decay, only making a bad problem worse. But you won’t have to worry, because that empty space will have a new tooth to replace it.

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