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Extractions in Plano TX

Plano TX dentist
Plano TX dentist

There are typically indications that will alert you when a tooth needs to be extracted. Nowadays, there are many ways to treat a problem tooth that will allow you to keep it. As a result, there are not as many extractions. However, when one is inevitable, you can count on us at the office of Kirk E. Kooker, DDS. The removal of a tooth does not have to be scary or painful. In fact, with our Plano TX dentist, it can be comfortable and virtually pain-free.

After you have had an examination and most likely x-rays, a determination will be made as to whether the tooth in question has to come out. With local anesthesia, there is no reason to worry, because you should only feel pressure as our Plano TX dentist performs oral surgery. The gums above the tooth need to be cut open. Depending on the positioning of the tooth, some bone tissue may have to be moved or cut to allow access. Some teeth can be extracted simply, in one piece. Others have to be taken out in pieces. This is not unusual, though, and is no cause for concern. After the tooth is out, you will probably receive stitches. A minimal amount of bleeding is normal after surgery, and you will be given gauze to address it. There are some basic guidelines that our Plano TX dentist will go over with you. Maintain a soft diet for at least 24 hours. Rinse frequently with warm salt water, hold an ice pack on the outside of your face, and take over-the-counter pain relievers as needed. Avoid any physical exertion for the remainder of the day. If you would like to replace the tooth with a dental implant, it might be possible to have the post placed as part of the same procedure.

Don’t wait to call us Plano TX dentist  when you have tooth pain or a tooth is giving you some kind of trouble, including a crack or fracture. Immediate action, including an extraction, might be required, and you can depend on it done expertly and with gentle care.

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