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Teeth whitening in Plano

Plano cosmetic dentist
Plano cosmetic dentist

If you have been thinking about the fact that you would really like to have whiter and brighter teeth, you should contact us at our dental practice Kirk E. Kooker, DDS. Our Plano cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kirk E. Kooker, will be able to provide you with whiter and brighter teeth which you will truly be proud of by providing you with a treatment by Zoom!

At our dental practice our Plano cosmetic dentist probably offers Zoom! teeth whitening for our patients. This in-office tooth whitening procedure is considered by many dentists to be the most effective and safest tooth whitening procedure around today. Depending on your individual situation, your teeth can be whitened by many shades during this one-hour treatment process. Of course, every person has different results from this tooth whitening option. Since teeth naturally yellow with age, having your teeth whitened may even make you appear younger. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to have your teeth whitened, we know that you will thoroughly enjoy the results that you get from having your teeth whitened at our dental practice. Many people feel that they have more confidence when they have a whiter and brighter smile. Once you have your teeth whitened, you may want to avoid eating certain foods which contribute to teeth staining. Foods which you may want to avoid are brightly-colored candies, fruit juices, sugary foods, acidic foods, and coffee, wine and teas. Our Zoom! whitening system uses an ultraviolet light which activates a whitening gel. This whitening gel is applied to your teeth, and sinks into your tooth enamel. It gently bleaches away stains and discoloration. Some patients have their smiles lightened by up to eight shades during this process. We also offer Zoom! take-home whitening tray kits so that you can maintain your beautiful new smile at home.

For an appointment to meet with our Plano cosmetic dentist regarding having your teeth whitened, simply contact us today. Your whiter and brighter smile is closer than you think!

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