Implants in Plano

Implants in Plano

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When you have missing teeth, you may not always be a good candidate for getting regular dental implants. At our dental practice Kirk E. Kooker, DDS, patients are able to get 3-D mini dental implants in Plano TX.

If a patient wants to get dental implants but their jawbone is not thick enough or healthy enough, or they have problems with their immune system, it may not be a good treatment option for them. However, at our dental practice, our dentist is happy to be able to provide patients with 3M mini dental implants which just about any patient is able to tolerate. While regular dental implants need to be inserted during oral surgery, mini dental implants are easily inserted into the patient’s jawbone and do not usually call for any incision to be made in the mouth. When a patient gets mini dental implants in Plano TX they are completed in just one dental visit. This is a big change from traditional dental implants which take a time period of several months to get. Our mini dental implants are used to provide same-day stabilization for your existing dentures. And, in most cases, our dentist does not even need to make any type of incision in the gums so that it is even a totally non-invasive treatment option. Additionally, mini dental implants cost a lot less than getting traditional implants. This also makes this type of tooth replacement method a viable option for many more patients. Once the mini implants are inserted, our dentist can modify your existing dentures so that they can be secured with the new mini implants. Your dentures will now be comfortable and secure, and you will not need to worry about them slipping or embarrassing you in any manner when you eat, smile, or speak.

If you would like to come to our dental practice to discuss getting mini implants in Plano TX, simply contact us today for a consultation.

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