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Preventive care in Carrollton

Preventive care cannot be truly effective unless you engage in it regularly, and it requires both your own effort and the work we do here at the office of Kirk E. Kooker, DDS. Two visits per year for a teeth cleaning and oral examination act as a solid foundation to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong.

Every time you brush your teeth or floss between them, you’re successfully removing and washing away dental plaque, the film-like bacteria that grows on your teeth and at your gum line. It occurs as the result of the sugars and starches in your diet, and it is plaque that decays tooth material, and harms your gums. If all it took to neutralize plaque and its effects were daily brushing and flossing, you wouldn’t need the help of our Carrollton dental office. But any plaque that stays out of reach of your oral hygiene at home will harden, becoming tartar, which cannot be eliminated except with a professional teeth cleaning. One every six months is usually sufficient. The preventive benefits are clear: by removing tartar buildup and residual plaque, you are less likely to get new cavities. And any effects of early stage gum disease (gingivitis), such as irritation and redness, are reversed as part of a thorough cleaning, though sometimes a second cleaning is necessary for that. Without a teeth cleaning at our Carrollton dental office, gum disease would become advanced, causing inflammation, infection, and symptoms that may include bleeding when brushing, receding gums, and persistent bad breath. Preventive care is also evidenced in the prompt filling of any existing cavities, so that they cannot grow larger and increase your risk for a toothache, infection, and maybe even tooth loss.

Take advantage of what regular exams and cleanings can do. Contact our Carrollton dental office right now and schedule an appointment.

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